what is it?

my Territory Connections is a survey for people who live in the Territory. It collects data on our general wellbeing, our connections to family, friends, communities and our attachments to where we live. Conducted by Charles Darwin University researchers, this first survey begins our commitment to monitor the wellbeing of Territory residents over time. If everyone participates, we can check whether things are getting better for all Territorians. We will share the results with you, the Territory government, businesses, and not-for-profit and community organisations.

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types of questions

  • Are you doing ok?

  • What groups do you feel you belong to?

  • Do you feel safe in your home and neighbourhood?

  • Do you think your community has a say on things that matter to it?

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about the survey

Researchers from Charles Darwin University want to understand how Territorians are connected through their social networks, community participation and attachment to the place they live. Results will be used to help governments, service providers, community organisations and businesses to make decisions about what is helping to make life better and who might be missing out.

If you are over the age of 18 and living in the Territory at the moment, you can participate. We need people from our cities, towns, smaller communities and more isolated places like cattle stations to make sure the survey results reflect everyone.

Yes. As qualified, independent researchers at CDU, we are required to keep all your answers in a secure place only we can access. We have our own Human Research Ethics clearance (clearance number H21036) which means we are legally not allowed to give out any of your details or individual responses to the Government, another organisation or another person.

If you change your mind about participating after you have completed the survey, you can contact us through this email link myterritoryconnections@cdu.edu.au and ask us to remove your answers from the research analysis and reporting.

The survey asks questions about your life experiences, identity, feelings of safety, trust, access to support, and connection to family, friends and community. If the survey questions cause you any distress, there is information about organisations available to support you under the Resources and Publications tab.

You can complete the survey without providing your name or contact details. But everyone who participates has the chance to win a gift voucher worth AUD $500 or two other vouchers worth AUD $100 each. You can only go into the prize draw if you decide to provide your contact details so we can contact the winners. You do not have to give us your full name, and we ask for either a telephone or email contact.

We will begin to publish results from the survey by the end of 2022. A public version of all reports will be made available on this my Territory Connections website.