The my Territory Connections survey collects information about you, your general wellbeing, your life experiences, identity, feelings of safety, trust, access to support, and connection to family, friends and community. Because the survey asks questions about you, the results can tell us if some groups of Territorians are doing well and others not so well.

Researchers from Charles Darwin University are conducting the survey. The researchers will keep all your answers in a secure place only they can access. No individual person can be identified by their answers or will be identified in the results of the survey. The researchers will share the results of the survey with all survey participants, the Territory Government, businesses and community organisations. The results will be published on the my Territory Connections website so that everyone can see the same information.

If you are happy to do the survey, you will be asked to mark ‘yes to participate in the survey’ at the first question. This gives the researchers your consent to use your responses in the research. You must answer this question to start the survey. If you do not want to participate in the survey, answering ‘No’ will exit you from the survey.

If you feel uncomfortable sharing any information, you can decide not to answer that question and move to the next question. If you decide not to continue with the survey and exit, any answers you have completed will be saved and used in the research unless you decide you want them to be taken out. You can speak with the researchers about this by calling the Northern Institute on 8946 7468 or emailing

If the survey questions cause you any distress, you can find information about organisations available to support you under the Resources and Publications tab on this website.

If you choose to complete the survey, you can go into a draw to win some great prizes – one $500 voucher and two $100 vouchers. Entering is optional and you are asked to provide a name (full name or first name only) and phone or email so that the researchers can contact you. Your contact details will not be shared with anybody else.

This project has been approved by the Charles Darwin University Human Research Ethics Committee ID number H21036. If you have any questions or concerns that you do not want to direct to the researcher, you are invited to the contact the Charles Darwin University Research Integrity and Ethics team on (08) 8946 6063, on the toll free number, 1800 466 215 or by email, . The Research Integrity and Ethics team can pass on any concerns to the Charles Darwin University Human Research Ethics Committee (CDU-HREC) and appropriate officers within the University.